The white gold for green batteries

Our lithium

Lithium is the lightest of all metals and provides the greatest energy density by weight. That’s why it’s unrivalled as the key component of powerful batteries. Lithium is an abundant raw material, yet rarely occurs at high concentrations. We plan to source it as a concentrated mineral called spodumene from our own site at Georgia Lake in Canada as well as purchasing it from other mining sources that meet our ESG standards.

Our mineral property

Battery sustainability begins all the way upstream, at our mineral property in Ontario, Canada. We take the utmost care of our ecosystem: the hard-rock mining process we rely on is naturally less water-intensive than mining from brines. But in the long run, our mine of choice is one that grows as EV take-up progresses: the “urban mine” of discarded batteries. At Rock Tech, we are committed to pushing ahead alongside all partners in our value chain to reclaim lithium and reintroduce it into a closed cycle.

Our current technology

We want to see electric mobility flourish — to reduce emissions and make fossil fuels history. That’s why we aim to produce high-grade lithium hydroxide that makes batteries last longer and EVs drive further. Our high-tech refining process is designed to ensure consistent quality, even when using raw material from multiple sources. And we build our high-tech converters in Germany, an epicentre of electric vehicle manufacturing, scaling up alongside some of the most respected names in the car industry.

Our innovation pipeline

Proprietary Tech

We are developing the Nitrate-Gypsum route, an alternative refining process that will help to further drive down emissions.

Zero Waste

We work on turning our side products into valuable resources — building positive alliances across industries.

Closing the Loop

We strive to become a closed-loop lithium company.

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