No lithium.

No batteries.

No electric cars.

No clean future.

We will produce battery-grade lithium with the lowest possible environmental impact, using materials obtained in full respect of human rights as well as social and ecological standards. We believe batteries must be long-lasting and safe, and at the end of their life, they should be repurposed, remanufactured or recycled, feeding valuable materials back into the economy. Because transparency and accountability are key, we want to make our sustainability targets as concrete as possible.


By 2030,

our Georgia Lake project will be considered best in class for sustainable mining in Canada.

Battery sustainability begins with base raw materials. We will be sourcing our raw material in accordance with international standards and practices and in close corporation with the local community. We will secure a supply chain free from harm to people or our planet. And we’re not limiting our care to today’s extraction process. In the future, we aim to source a significant amount of our raw material from recycled batteries — reducing our consumption of virgin raw material.


By 2030,

100% of logistics in our supply chain will be carbon-neutral.

We are in the mineral business. Our battery material production comes with a substantial need for logistics. We continuously work towards shorter supply routes and seek less resource-intensive modes of transportation. Whenever possible, we will endeavour to utilize carbon-neutral logistics, and to work with certified offset programs in all other instances


By 2030,

100% of our converter sites will be powered by locally sourced renewable energy.

Processing raw material requires a great deal of energy. Wherever we operate and manufacture, we commit to using clean, locally sourced renewable energy. We continuously strive for ways to minimize our plant’s footprint regarding land use as well as water and waste management, effectively reducing the carbon footprint of our product.


By 2030,

every Rock Tech product will come with a material passport, from cradle to gate.

We can only manage what we quantify. Without empirical evidence, sustainability targets are meaningless. For a full understanding of our performance and impact, we aim to collect extensive data to track our products from the first step of their lifecycle all the way to recycling. And we will share our insights with stakeholders to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable battery production.


By 2030,

50% of raw materials for our German converters will come from recycling.

Most batteries go to waste with no recovery of their valuable parts. For bulk metals, recycling practices are well established, but this is not yet the case for many energy transition metals such as lithium. Today, less than 1% of lithium is being recycled. We are here to change that.

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