Why Rock Tech

We put green power into your batteries

Speed & Reliability

Premium batteries need the highest energy density for extra range. This requires the purest lithium hydroxide on the market. We’re building on tried-and-tested methods to guarantee just that. By scaling up production right at the heart of Europe’s automotive industry, we can ensure just-in-time delivery. Our mission is to be the most reliable partner serving this discerning market. Our key asset: Rock Tech’s expert team.


We continuously optimize our lithium causticization process to further reduce its carbon footprint. In parallel, we’re driving innovation with an entirely new refining method. The Nitrate-Gypsum route will help us transform into a zero-waste company. And where others see a growing mound of secondhand batteries, we see “urban mining” as our future sourcing strategy — recycling a precious resource back into the supply chain.

Whoever secures the technological leadership in the processing of lithium and understands its reuse via recycling will determine the market.

Dirk Harbecke

Chairman of the Board

Sustainability & Transparency

Based in Germany, our lithium converters will meet the highest EU standards when it comes to environmental footprint, energy efficiency and supply chain transparency. We will procure raw material from responsibly sourcing mines where we meet the same standards from the beginning.

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